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Quick Fit 1.3

Quick Fit 1.3 Download


Work out wherever you are and without any equipment!


Quick Fit is a workout application that allows you to do exercise using your mobile, without leaving your house . It follows the well-known 7-minutes method, which proposes that 7 minutes of daily exercise is enough to become fit. Combined with some rest interval, this method is even more effective than working out for one hour in the gym!

You won’t need extra equipment or anything besides the videos, your body, a chair and a great anticipation for being slimmer

This application is mainly destined for those who have to work the whole day and don’t have enough free time, or even students that can’t afford expensive gyms, but they want to be fit. Quick Fit is very complete and will satisfy your needs from the moment you download it and run it for the very first time. One of the greatest features of this software is that you won’t need extra equipment or anything besides the videos, your body, a chair and a great anticipation for being slimmer!

The aforementioned videos are in High Definition, and they include voice prompts to guide you in your routine. In addition, it offers you two different view modes either focused portrait view or in landscape, which allows you to choose the one you want at any moment! As you can see, Quick Fit is a very customizable application, and it can be adapted to your needs perfectly.

You can check your improvement at any time, so you can know if you have lost weight or if you have achieved your goals. These positive results will cheer you up more easily than spending hours and hours in the gym without seeing what you have improved! Curiously, Quick Fit includes motivational quotes cheering you up to achieve your goals. If you think you might someday get bored of the application, you are wrong, because it makes regular updates so you'll have something new to do.

Come on! You’re doing it perfect!

With the motivational quotes and only needing 7 free minutes, you won’t have any excuse for not being fit! Does this new technique work? The Human Performance Institute of Florida was the one which developed this workout routine with successful results. Quick Fit alternates between 12 online exercises, 30 seconds in length and with some rest periods.

When you download it and run it, you have to choose what you want to do: run in place, leg raises, side plank, push up and rotation or lunge, amongst others. Feel free to choose the one you want or need at any moment! Then, you can see a big circle in the middle of the screen and your personal trainer inside. Below him, you have the countdown with the time you have left to stop suffering. Quick Fit allows you to unlock some achievements such as “Intermediate”, “Ice Breaker”, “Beginner”, “Pro” or “Double” among others.

Quick Fit 1.3 Features

Quick Fit includes the following features:

  • High Definition videos with interesting words of advice
  • Motivational quotes trying to cheer you up to achieve your goals
  • Two different video modes: focused portrait view or the landscape one
  • Ability to download workouts in your mobile or get new achievements (such as “Intermediate”, “ice Breaker”, “Beginner”, “Pro” or “Double”) to progress in your daily routine

If you want to read more about Quick Fit, you can do so on the

System Requirements

If you want to get Quick Fit, we recommend that you check the system requirements beforehand:

  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch


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